Best Strategies for Marketing Rosehaven Communities’ Unique Value Online

Rosehaven Homes offers unique value to tenants that must be highlighted to maximize your rents. Make sure your property manager follows the principles in this article and doesn’t sell your investment short. Ready to use photos are included at the bottom of this page to make online advertising easy and effective.

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How to Market Rosehaven Communities’ Unique Value Online

Better and Cheaper than An Equivalent Apartment

Rosehaven Homes’ multifamily products are built to offer a better, cheaper alternative to luxury apartments. They can be rented out for much less than a similar three-bedroom unit, yet offer a garage, backyard, covered patio, and generally more space. They are gated like an apartment, making them more secure than renting a single-family home. All of this, however, can be lost on a typical online Zillow or other ad unless a little effort is made to highlight our product’s unique value.

A Gated Community

A common error property managers make is to not emphasize the gate in advertising by not providing a photo of it. Many people will pay extra for a gate and will look at your asking rent differently knowing the unit is in a gated community. Security and peace of mind are worth something.

A Greener Home

Rosehaven Homes is a Green Builder and our units come standard with foam insulation. This means they require about 30% less electricity than a similarly sized new home, meaning a potential tenant can do something positive for the environment by choosing to live in your home and support green building while saving on their electric bill. Additionally, every garage has an electric vehicle charger making your rental units the perfect fit for the growing number of EV owners.

A Quiet Interior Oasis

We foam all four interior walls for each unit, which means not only are tenants protected from exterior noise, they are also protected from noise generated by the unit next door. It is extremely important to point this out to eliminate that objection from the minds of potential tenants. Compared to most rentals, our homes are a quiet oasis where tenants can get a great night’s sleep.

Parks and Recreation

Not all of the parks are complete at the beginning of a project, but once they are you should definitely include photos of the parks in your advertisements. They will make a big difference to prospective tenants with children or pets.

Ready to Use Marketing Photos

For best results, download and use our ready-made marketing photos. These images highlight the unique value that our products offer and should precede the typical images your property manager would post in the order shown in the downloaded folder. They are sized at 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is ideal for Zillow and other online advertising platforms. See the next section for how they should be displayed.

Rosehaven Marketing Photos Zip V1.1

This Is How We Recommend Your Marketing Photos Be Displayed Online