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First, why do we offer this for free? The reason is we hope you’ll consider selling your land to us or allow us to help you find a buyer. But the report comes to you with no obligation, no contract, and no worries. We’re happy to help.

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What Questions are Answered in the FREE Land Value Report?

What is the zoning of your land?

The value of your land depends on what you or a developer could do with it. The zoning will tell you what can legally be built on your land, like homes, factories, shops, etc. If you are outside of any city limits, there may be no zoning for your land, which is great, but sometimes cities lay claim to "extra-territorial jurisdiction."

How much, if any, of your land is in a flood plain?

Land near a creek or river is usually prone to flooding. Nothing can be built on a flood plain so knowing this is key to understanding how much usable acreage you have. The value of flood-plain-land to developers is zero.

Are there nearby utilities that would support a large development?

Water, sewer, and electricity are key to enabling development. It’s more than just a question of whether you have service. It’s a question of where are the pipes and how big are they? How much development will they support? How much would it cost to connect your land to them? The range is from tens of thousands to tens of millions.

What is the topography of your land?

The more hilly your land is, the more it costs to develop roads and lots. In the Texas Hill Country, for example, you sometimes have to cut many feet into pure limestone in order to create a usable lot – an expensive proposition.

What is the best use for your land?

Land directly next to existing residential or commercial developments can usually be developed right away. However, being just 1,000 feet from current infrastructure could make developing your land cost prohibitive. A detailed engineering report is sometimes the only way to know for sure.

What is our Fair-Market-Value Estimate?

We include an initial fair-market-value estimate for your land, which includes a range of possible prices. It gives you a quick ballpark of what you can expect and why.

If You Would Like, We Will Prepare an Offer to Purchase Your Texas Land

We are in the business of buying and holding land and may be interested in your property. With your permission, we’ll conduct the additional research needed to come up with an offer that’s fair and reasonable.

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Why Partner with Rosehaven Land Planning?

Engineering Expertise

Most people see land and assume that it can be developed into homes, offices, and retail stores. Through years of experience, we know better. There are many layers of obstacles to development like city zoning laws, HOA’s that block nearby development, city politics, topography, flood zone regulations, and utility issues just to name a few. We’ve spent decades developing land and can tell when land has potential and when it is destined to stay wild forever, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

We Offer Free Leasebacks

Many of our land partners find themselves in the path of development; see their rural lifestyle fading away; and decide to move a little further out from the city. The problem is where to live in the meantime? We help solve this by offering a 4 to 6-month lease back to the landowner, so they can live in their home and on their land while they close on the new home, farm, or ranch of their dreams. We only charge for insurance during this period, making the transition that much easier.

We Close Quickly

Most land buyers will ask for a 9-month feasibility period during which they can exit the contract at any time and for any reason. This is great for them, but a great risk in terms of time and effort to the landowner. In fact, some national builders have a reputation for tying up land in contracts only to drop it 8 months later or demand a lower price at the end of the term. We have the opposite reputation. Once we know land will work, we close quickly, sometimes in as few as 10 days.

We Share Our Findings

Once we have an understanding with a landowner and a sales contract in place, we’ll spend tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to verify the land can be developed through various engineering and environmental reports and land remediation efforts. This is risky business, but the risk falls on us. If for some reason we don’t purchase a tract of land, we share these reports with the landowner to help them meet their goal of selling their land more easily.

We Know the Buyers

Our network is a key part of our value. Even if we are unable to make an offer on your land, we probably know someone who will and can help you find a buyer quickly.

We Work with Realtors

If you already have realtor, that’s no problem. Selling larger tracts of land is much different than selling a home. A team effort is often what’s required for a successful outcome.

Imagine the new home, farm, or ranch of your dreams.

It may be within reach. Texas land close to growing cities is valuable right now, but farther out it's still vast and affordable. It may be the right time to make the move before the city catches up with you.

Contact us for a free land value report today. We offer it with no risk, no obligation, and no contract to sign. If you think it may be time to sell your land, give us a call. Let’s get the conversation started.

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