Multifamily Investments

Rosehaven Homes builds beautiful high quality investment properties that can provide cash flow, long-term equity growth, and tax breaks that help you preserve and grow your wealth.

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Why Invest In Real estate?

Balance Your Portfolio

Recessions happen. So do market crashes, and when they do, it’s much better to have a truly diversified portfolio that goes beyond stocks and bonds, because no matter what is happening in the stock market, rents don’t change.

Balancing your portfolio with real estate is a great way to preserve and grow your wealth over the long term.

Earn Passive Income

Our investment properties can be professionally managed taking all of the hassle out of ownership and providing passive “mailbox money,” even when you take out a loan to complete your purchase. Some investors use this income to pay down their mortgage faster, planning to own their properties free and clear during retirement.

Build Equity

Owning a multifamily property affords you two ways to build equity. First, your tenants help pay down your mortgage. Second, as rents rise and the local real estate market rises, the value of your property does as well.

When you factor in these two ways of building equity and add in cash flow, annual Return on the Investment (ROI) can be in the double digits.

Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

Whether you are at the top tax bracket or anywhere in the middle, it’s always good to get a break on your federal income taxes. The good news is that you can deduct a percentage of the value of your property every year. For example, for a $360,000 duplex, you can usually deduct about $11,700, which depending on other circumstances, could mean you don’t have to pay any taxes on your rental income. Please consult your CPA or tax attorney to learn more before making any investment decisions.

“Investing in multifamily housing helps private investors build a portfolio that better weathers risk. It is a hedge against volatile stocks and bonds and a way to build wealth as property values rise that is also very tax efficient.” - Forbes Magazine

Why Choose Rosehaven for Multifamily Investments?

Tenants Love Our Products

Our investment properties have the look and feel of a high-end apartment, yet cost less and offer key differentiators that, quality for quality, no apartment can match. This includes an attached one or two-car garage, a backyard, and safe and convenient parking.

This means plenty of storage space, no lugging groceries up three flights of stairs, and having a private place for children and pets to play. All without having to secure a mortgage.

We Build in High Growth Central Texas

A combination of a growing base of jobs, low taxes, low cost of living, and high quality of life is driving a population boom in the Austin-San Antonio corridor. This will likely mean rising home prices and rents, which is good news for the investor who gets into the market early.

San Antonio is expected to add an additional one million residents over the next 17 years and the Austin-San Antonio corridor, which includes New Braunfels, is expected to grow by 34% over the next 12 years.

We Setup HOAs to Protect Your Investment Over the Long-Term

Our goal is to build high quality communities that can stand the test of time. A neighborhood without active maintenance and enforced rules can deteriorate, holding back growth in rents and property values. That’s why we ensure an HOA is there to protect the neighborhood as a whole, while providing valuable amenities whenever possible.

We Offer an Outstanding Warranty

The great thing about buying new is there are no hidden costs or deferred maintenance. You get manufacturer warranties for all appliances, the HVAC system, and water heater.

You also get a 1-year warranty that guards against defects in material or workmanship, a 2-year warranty for all systems such as plumbing and electric, and a ten year structural warranty. This piece of mind also translates to minimal maintenance costs and increased return on your investment.